Walk New York with EMU Australia

These Boots are Made for Walking

Fall is here and I haven’t experienced this season for the last 3 years, since I was traveling full-time. I have to admit, I am unenthused about being back in cold weather, but I am certainly thrilled about my autumn wardrobe! I want to take a moment to honor my new favorite fall walking boots and tell you why I love them so much.

Love these stunning Ellin Pop boots
Love these stunning Ellin Pop boots

My go-to walking boots

The Ellin Pop boot from EMU Australia has been my go-to boot for the past few weeks. My obsession is real. Why you might ask?

First of all, they are super comfortable! I have yet to find a boot that hasn’t bothered me in some way! Running around town never bothers my feet. All thanks to the 100% Australian Merino wool lining.

As it’s been quite rainy here this season, my EMUs have come in handy as they’re waterproof and have a durable sole with wave design for traction and grip.

They also have a huge range of other Ellin styles, so there will be a walking boot to suit any outfit and every occasion!

The best all round walking boots for fall!
Ellin Pop boots pair perfectly with a feminine dress

What do you look for when looking for new shoes? For me, it’s versatility. I can dress them down or put on a cute dress to finish off my outfit. Their versatility makes me hooked on these babies! I’ve become so practical after living out of a suitcase for so long. And finding a boot that is multifaceted was just what I was looking for.

– Ayda xo