Zàijiàn China, Zdravstvuyte Russia!

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Our EMU Travels the World adventure brings us to Moscow! But is it all about the cold, vodka and oligarchs? Join us a we explore the capital of Russia and everything she has to offer.

Must Experience

Residents of Moscow enjoying winter holidays in Sokolniki Park.

If you’re heading to Moscow in the winter, do what the moscovites do, embrace the cold, get onto the ice and show off your best skating moves. With 45 artifical and natural ice rinks around the city, some parks features tree lined ice boulevards for a truly unique expereince. Gorky Park and Patriashy Prudi have skates you can rent.


Opened in 1935, the Moscow Metro was USSR’s most extravagant architectural project. Meant to be a showcase for Soviet artists, ideas and icons, many of the cities undergroud stantions look like museums. Each has its own theme, decoration and story.

Must Eat

With -30° winters, its no wonder that typical Russian food is warming and hearty. Potatoes, bread, pastry and sour cream are common ingrediants in traditional ‘peasant’ food, while smoked fishes, caviar and the thinest of crepes are equally ubitutious of Russian cuisine.


A staple of Russian cuisine, the vibrantly coloured red, belly warming Borscht is a hearty soup made with beets, potato and beef, served with a dollop of sour cream. So embedded in Russain cooking, it would be an offence to leave Moscow without trying this at least once.


The Khachapuri is a bread dish originating from Georgia. So popular in Russia, it is reported that 175,000 khachapuris were consumed during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Served piping hot, stuffed and topped with Georgain Sulguni cheese, there are several types to try including the Imeretian which is circular and Ajarian which is in an open boat shaped topped with an egg.


Blinis are very similar to a french crepe or pancake, paper thin, you’ll find the buckwheat versions accompanied with smoked salmon, cavier and wild mushrooms.   Find these on the menu at high-end restaurants as well as cheap and filling versions at food stands around town.

Must See

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Put on your finest and take in an opera or ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre. Awarded the Symbol of Russia for all time due to its major contribution to the history of performing arts, this is where Swan Lake first premiered in 1877.

Red Square

The surrounding area around the Red Square and Kremlin is home to some of Russias most famous architecture. A visit to Moscow without a stop here would not be visiting Moscow at all. Spend the day admiring the 16th centure St Basil’s Catherdal, and the Kremlin complex which houses the Armory chamber, a treasure house and the Diamond Fund, a unique collection of gems and jewellery.